WriteLog FlexRadio driver 12.20

The latest WriteLog rig driver for the FlexRadio-6000 series supports their SmartSDR 2.0. Earlier versions of the rig driver can read and control the FlexRadio frequency on SmartSDR 2, but cannot do DAX or DAX IQ. This release restores full functionality to the rig driver.  I have obtained the lowest latency of any version of WriteLog and SmartSDR with these lateste versions, and on both transmit and receive streams.

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WriteLog FlexRadio Rig Driver with the ‘6700 (3 of 4)

FlexRadio has announced full duplex operation of the Flex-6000 rigs. Because the ‘6700 has two completely independent receive chains, it can receive on two different antennas at once, and still on one of them while transmitting on the other. It should be capable of “SO2R in a box” with just the one FlexRadio. The configuration is actually pretty much the same as the previous one, but with the addition of an antenna connected to ANT B as well as ANT A. Continue reading “WriteLog FlexRadio Rig Driver with the ‘6700 (3 of 4)”

WriteLog’s FlexRadio Rig Driver (1 of 4)

The FlexRadio ships with the SmartSDR and SmartCAT products that enable WriteLog to control the FlexRadio as if it were an ordinary COM-port connected rig. That configuration works, but there is a lot more that WriteLog can do with the FlexRadio if you install its custom FlexRadio rig driver.

The distinguishing features of an SDR are that its processing algorithms are extremely configurable, and that it can share internal signaling with other programs (e.g. WriteLog.) These features are exploited by WriteLog’s FlexRadio Rig driver in order to blur the boundary between the contest logging program and the radio itself. This sequence of posts is designed to show how to configure Writelog to cooperate with the SmartSDR program that ships with FlexRadios, and to do so for a single operator in the shack. There are a number of details, so we start with the simplest configuration and progress up to the point of complete WriteLog SO2R station integration with a FlexRadio and, optionally, another radio. Continue reading “WriteLog’s FlexRadio Rig Driver (1 of 4)”