Version 11 Installation Notes

Versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000 are not supported and WriteLog version 11 will not install. Version 10 will remain available for those operating systems, but will not be upgraded any further.

The Version 11 upgrade installer tests for an existing Version 10 or 11 installation and simply fails if a WriteLog installation is not present. You must obtain a full installer if the upgrade installer fails to detect a WriteLog installation. If you have a current registration code, but version 11 upgrade won’t install, contact to obtain a full install kit.

The WriteLog installer requires Microsoft Installer version 3.0. Vista and later have this version. An attempt to install WriteLog version 11 on Windows 2000 or XP might fail with a message about the Windows installer version required. If you get such a message, the oldest version of Windows Installer that will work with WriteLog is downloadable from here:;displaylang=en&id=16821.

Complete WriteLog version 11 functionality requires that you have Microsoft .NET 3.51 already installed. The highest version of .NET that Microsoft supports on Windows 2000 is .NET 2.0, therefore the charting features and the interface in WriteLog that require 3.51 are permanently disabled on a Windows 2000 install, and are disabled on a Windows XP install if .NET 3.51 is not present. When the WriteLog installer detects that the required .NET version is not present, it pops up a box at install time indicating that WriteLog can install, but features will be missing. If you install WriteLog with the missing features on XP, and then later upgrade .NET on your machine, the way to recover the missing features is to uninstall WriteLog and re-install.

For both the full and upgrade install kits, installing version 11 for the first time on a machine automatically notices if an existing WL10 installation is present and silently uninstalls WL10 in the process of installing version 11. For the case of upgrading an existing version 10, the version 11 installer offers a choice of WL11 installation directory. A version 11 to version 11 upgrade does not offer to change install directories. The version 10 uninstall will not remove files that have been touched after the last WL10 install, or were not installed by WL10, so the old WL10 directory might not be completely empty or removed by the uninstall.

If you choose a different directory for WL11 than was in use for a prior WL10 installation, you must uninstall any 3rd party contest modules and then reinstall them using the Legacy Installer tool in WL11. The WriteLog installer does not touch any 3rd party modules. Installed 3rd party modules need not be uninstalled or reinstalled if you select the same V11 directory as was used on your machine for the previous V10 installation.

Be prepared to reenter your current registration code. The one the installer shows you might possibly be an out-of-date one issued to you years before.

For the case of uninstalling WL10, the WL11 install will require a system reboot.

Any writelog.ini settings from WL10 will automatically carry forward to WL11.

WL11 honors the registration codes issued for WL10 for the previous 12 months.

Installing WL11 might or might not overwrite your DXCC country files with the ones in the installer. The tools you used in WL10 to for getting latest files still work in WL11, so be aware that you might have to update them.