Revision History-Version 12

This page itemizes the changes added to WriteLog since January, 2016. We may update this page as items enter beta test, so it is normal to find one more version on this page than is available from the downloads page.

Here is a description of WriteLog version numbering conventions.

12.79 March, 2024

  • Correct reversal of processing %C in SSB when using Dual Run.
  • Add SSB version of CW Call correction.
  • Support ini setting MicSampleRate allowing recording of SSB messages using SHIFT+Fkey in any valid Windows sampling rate from 5000Hz to 48000Hz.
  • Update WriteLog’s WAV file lookup to look for + in the name in addition to SLASH.WAV.
  • Update New England QSO Party to 2024 rules.

12.78 February, 2024

  • Typed in frequency in CALL field, in Entry Window and Band up/down commands skip bands disabled from scoring.
  • Improve Band/Single-Band setup ability to enable/disable multiple bands at once.
  • Remove 5 day limit for rate report in Contest/Create-Reports.
  • Require at least three characters for a typed in frequency in the CALL field. Or override in the INI file.
  • Support Weekly RTTY Test.
  • Add support for EUDX CW and PH Contest.

12.77 January, 2024

  • Fix failure to UDP QSO Export correct digital mode
  • Support RC-1101 on recent Yaesu rigs.
  • Change RAC Canada Day contest module to only mark ML column for new multipliers. and update Cabrillo name to latest rules.
  • Update OK-OM DX contest phone and CW to 2024 rules.
  • If you change the serial number assignment rule, QSOs already in the log are not affected. The only way to change logged serial numbers is to edit them one-by-one.
  • For Band Map and Packet Spot multiplier checking, prefer QSOs in log for multiplier checking over ADIF prefill.

12.76 December, 2023

  • Require at least two digits for a typed in frequency in the CALL field.
  • Update PAQP to latest rules.
  • The RST attribute on an Exchange field no longer restricts editing it to digits.
  • Update ADIF BAND tag export to current ADIF spec (3.14)
  • Add support for IARU Region 1 VHF, UHF and MGM contests.
  • Add Export Band As… to File menu to export one band at a time.
  • Remove useless popup for contests ARRL 10m, ARRL 160m, CQ 160M and NAS at File/New time.

12.75 October, 2023

  • For WW DIGI contest, sort grid square display alphabetically.
  • Fix failure (introduced in 12.73) to setup Entry Window pair on non-COM port rigs (e.g. FlexRadio-6000)
  • Add None setting for SO2R control with MK-1100 keyer.
  • Specify CQRTTY Cabrillo export CATEGORY-MODE as RTTY.
  • Add support for Croatian DX Contest.
  • Add support for Solar Eclipse QSO Party (including in WriteLog’s Demo version.)

12.74 August, 2023

  • Add Vox mute capability that helps with certain rigs in One Device Per Radio in Echo Mic mode.
  • Update MIQP to latest rules.
  • Update LAQP cabrillo name.
  • Fix intermittent (and rare) crash during auto-save when logging a QSO.

12.73 June, 2023

  • Add option to disable Clear RIT behavior when setting the rig from a Packet Spot or Band Map.
  • Fix failure to blacklist calls that are spotted after editing the black list.
  • Fix Packet band calculation when running a VHF contest while Edit SubBands does not cover VHF bands.
  • Add INI entry to customize scan of packet spot text for “RTTY”, “FT8”, “FT4” and “CW” to assign the mode to the spot rather than guessing the mode.
  • Fix bug in Edit Subbands that failed to create custom band listing with a name exactly 8 characters long.
  • Update CAQP rules for 2023
  • Support OmniRig 2.1 as rig type.
  • UDP Export CPU usage fix.

12.72 April, 2023

  • Fix bug in Broadcast scores that, for multi-mode contests, incorrectly reported per-mode QSO totals.
  • In Broadcast scores, mark IARU headquarters multiplier as “hq” per latest contestonlinescore specification.
  • Add QSO_UDP_LIMIT_MINUTES entry to limit QSO UDP export to most recent QSOs on Contest/Recalculate.
  • For both UDP QSO broadcast, and UDP Radio broadcast, support the address setting All local networks.
  • Add UDP Rotator broadcast using [network]ROTATOR_UDP_IPADDR. The default WriteLog settings for Radio broadcast and Rotator broadcast are confirmed to be compatible with Green Heron Engineering’s GHE Client version 2.7.7.
  • Edit UDP broadcast settings dialog.
  • Add setting to throttle UDP Radio broadcast slower than RigPollInterval
  • Fix 7QP Cabrillo export bug.

12.71 March, 2023

  • When selecting a CALL from the Band Map, fix failure to hold the selection through processing of new incoming calls or window resize.
  • For Beam Headings display, if there is an ampersand (&) in the country name, present it correctly.
  • When changing the Entry Window CALL, overwrite fields that were auto-filled or preset from ADIF from that CALL, while preserving only fields that were typed over in the Entry Window after they were auto-filled.
  • Restore Beam Heading behavior removed in 12.69 that always displays the DXCC country of the current CALL, regardless of whether the beam heading is calculated from that country file, or a region-specific country file.
  • Fix intermittent bug that prevented Packet blacklist entries from being honored.

12.70 February, 2023

  • Separate DCU-1 from DCU-3. They are the same, except that the latter adds a newline to the commands to the COM port.
  • Update New Mexico QSO party to 2023 rules.
  • Ensure cabrillo options are set before saving summary file.
  • Add broadcast Radios UDP.
  • Fix failure to honor the Blacklist menu entries on the Band Map window’s right click

12.69 January, 2023

  • Add UDP QSO Export (for WRTC)
  • Fix bearing calculation when typing a GRID into the CALL field to give priority to an exact match callsign in the country files that happens to also be a valid grid square. RA80OW is a current example.
  • Always output STATION_CALLSIGN on ADIF export.
  • Update VAQP support for 2023 rules.
  • Speed up Winkey polling interval, which helps if there is delay in the WinKey/WriteLog COM port link.
  • Change the default at File/New to bring up the Cabrillo details form as you start a contest. Add a check box, Prompt these details on File/New, which can be turned off to revert to the old behavior: ask for
  • Cabrillo details later, on the Contest/Cabrillo-file menu selection.
  • Add menu item to self spot.
  • Prompt update CALLPREFIX if you change your “call used” to a different DXCC country.

12.68 December, 2022

  • Move three Entry window options to submenu, and replicate those options on WriteLog Entry Options.
  • Add 15m and 10m to SST contest definition.
  • The Contest/Set for Automatic Rescoring menu entry is removed because it has caused confusion.
  • Add shortcut definitions for commands to turn the TX or RX radio up/down by a specified frequency amount.
  • Add Winkeyer setting to prevent intermittent premature PTT off due to delays in serial transfers.
  • Fix ARRL 10m module failure to fill in QTH from the other mode when logging a station the second time.
  • Add console mode Reacty32-console.exe

12.67 September, 2022

  • Improve scan-for-suspect-entries for WAE contest.
  • Control site screen for adjusting RC-1101 keypad brightness.
  • WAE contest module adds Entry Window accelerators when QTC dialog is up.
  • WAE contest Send QTC now uses SHIFT+F7 to prepend to the QRV? message for ALL modes.
  • Fix Band Up/Down commands from setting split mode when moving to a band not visited before.
  • Fix WAQP, COQP and TNQP summaries to present QSOs instead of points.
  • Update NYQP to latest rules.

12.66 June, 2022

  • Support ARRL International Digital Contest
  • For VHF contests, fix incorrect “New Grid” message when either of the first two letters of the grid is typed in lower case.
  • Update WAQP Salmon Run module for 2022 rules.
  • Fix misaligned text headers in brk report file.
  • Fix IARUHF Band Summary layout to one row per band
  • Update Band Summary to accept “DG” and “DIG” as QSO count columns
  • Improve Create Reports options and BRK file formatting.

12.65 May, 2022

  • Improve Cabrillo output for 7QP module.
  • Color code double mults for modules that report them. Currently only CQ WW.
  • Support Medium Speed Test CW.

12.64 April, 2022

  • WIQP cosmetic updates.
  • On BandMap, color “UNKNOWN” multiplier as new QSO and not new multiplier.
  • Support web post to SCP database instead of email.
  • GAQP Cabrillo header fixes.
  • Fix doubling of prompt whether to save a changed .wl file on closing WriteLog, introduced in 12.62.

12.63 March, 2022

  • WIQP 2022 rules changes.
  • Checkbox to enable all mode PTT on WinKey

12.62 February, 2022

  • Fix TS-990 rig driver split and digital support.
  • Fix intermittent problem with WinKey. (Don’t send WinKey setpinconfig nor sidetone commands while CW output is in progress.)

12.61 October, 2021

  • Add IC-705 rig setting.
  • Add FT-891 rig setting.
  • FTDX-5000/2000 etc set default CW/DIG mode from main VFO only.
  • Update Colorado QSO party module.
  • Update Tennessee QSO party module.
  • Fix Cabrillo for in-state CAQP and PAQP modules when logging the other station on a county line.
  • Update Alabama QSO party module.
  • Nevada QSO Party export TQSL location
  • Update WA Salmon Run.
  • When exporting ADIF, export GRID column as ADIF standard GRIDSQUARE if there isn’t also a standard entry.

12.60 July, 2021

  • Fix FLQP summary sheet auto-fill.
  • ND QSO Party fix logging of rovers
  • NM QSO Party find previous NAME field on subsequent QSOs
  • VA QSO Party fix QSO/Mult summary calculation
  • Fix failure to install on certain older Win7 systems.
  • Add Move Clearest Frequency commands.
  • For the SO2R device OTRSP, when using on a COMM port, signal PTT on the COMM port RTS line.

12.59 April, 2021

  • NCCC Sprint use standard ADIF tag for NAME.
  • Fix a problem when a new column is added to a log that already has QSOs.
  • Update internet logbook implementation to latest 3rd party tools.
  • Rig driver for recent Yaesu rigs, allow for large MOUSE_WHEEL_HZ settings.
  • VA QSO Party update affecting Check Call.
  • Add Their Name for Call window. Right click in the window to set it up.

12.58 March, 2021

  • Fix problem sending unsupported CAT commands to oldest Icom rigs (IC-735, etc.)
  • Redefine the shortcuts EntryFocusAndHome and EntryFocusAndEnd to move to the leftmost and rightmost fields in the current Entry Window. (They used to mean leftmost and rightmost character in the current field of the current Entry Window.)
  • Slow Speed CW contest W/VE are not DXCC multipliers.

12.57 February, 2021

  • Consolidate all PTT settings into the Setup/Ports screen.
  • Fix intermittent problem with sending commport CAT command PTT from RttyRite.
  • Fix failure to honor RTS PTT selection on second rig for SO2V setup.
  • Fix failure to honor CAT PTT for CW introduced in 12.56.
  • For MK-1100, fix failure to assert keyer PTT at the beginning of machine-sent CW. But was introduced in previous version.
  • Support FTDX-5000 (and other recent Yaesu rigs) for SO2V.
  • Increase number of selectable COM ports to COM64.
  • Present COM ports in dialog with precedence to those that Windows says currently exist on the system.
  • Grab packet spot puts keyboard focus on most recently received spot.

12.56 January, 2021

  • Default for ARRL 160m contest, SECT column is now “Required”
  • Add Slow Speed CW contest support.
  • Add option to compute SpectrumOnCpu in double precision.
  • Add option to put PTT on RTS of rig COM port with TX focus.
  • CW PTT is now either on or off (which is QSK), which deprecates the distinction between PTT types for CW.
  • Update to OpenSSL version 1.1.1
  • Fix failure to process mouse clicks in RttyRite window on certain multiple monitor configurations.

12.55 December, 2020

  • Support rig-specific macros in f-key messages for Icom.
  • Better document and fool-proof TX Wave File folder select.
  • Better error messages on missing .WAV files for certain f-key programming sequences.
  • Improve ability to customize WAE RTTY QTC fill message.
  • Update build to use Visual Studio 2019
  • Remove RttyRite support for obsolete P38, PCI3000 and PCI4000 TNCs
  • Add options to Audio Review to playback quad-recorded audio with the TX/RX recorded channels output as Left/Right stereo.
  • Update TQSL to version 2.5.7
  • Remove actions from clicking on displays in Rate Window
  • Fix failure to honor Kenwood TS-590 DATA mode introduced in 12.50
  • A recent Windows update decommissioned WriteLog old method for determining whether it can automate sending an email, which disabled WriteLog’s ability to email. Use a newer method.
  • Restore Check Call / Properties menu on right click that was lost in previous update.

12.54 October, 2020

  • Add Kenwood TS-990 entry (matches TS-890 behavior)
  • Expand to maximum of 10 S&P memories.
  • Update NVQP to latest rules.
  • Update CQP cabrillo details.

12.53 September, 2020

  • Portable Operations Challenge
  • Comply with opening character in ADIF version 3.1 file export.
  • Improve ARRL Rtty RoundUp ADIF import.
  • CheckCall update from automation interface (used by DigiRite) now works regardless of multiplier module.
  • Restore Band Maps on changing port setup

12.52 August, 2020

  • Band Map appearance dialog applies immediately, and Cancel restores.
  • Update Makrothen module for latest rules.
  • Add option to pause SDR during PTT.
  • Improve SDR wizard details. The setup for two identical dongles in particular is now easier.
  • Improve Band Map scaling options. The range is now adjustable as Auto scale means set only the level.
  • Fix ADIF export of RTTY back to “RTTY” that was incorrectly exported as “DIG” in version 12.51.
  • Fix problem logging a QSO from OLE interface if Operator is set.
  • Undo change introduced in 12.46 that “log/dupe as digital” if RttyRite/DigiRite is open.
  • Improved waterfall display component.

12.51 July, 2020

  • On multiple keyboard “assign keyboard” mode, to determine Entry Window focus, treat mouse button click as if it were a keyboard click.
  • Add option to WriteLog remote control to send Band Map waterfall using UDP
  • Setting serial number from automation interface locks the serial number.
  • Add IC-9700 icom and Kenwood TS890 rigs.
  • Change “FSK” label to “DIG” in WriteLog’s menus, dialogs, and displays.
  • Add 23cm band to Field Day
  • Add automation interface to force update of Azimuth and check call
  • Fix failure to send CW message on f-key while RttyRite window is open

12.50 June, 2020

  • Improved support for RC-1101 on both control site and remote
  • TS-590 rig driver supports RC-1101
  • Icom RC-1101 improved. update uSD card required on RC-1101.
  • Make RC-1101 reboot at startup optional on check box.
  • RttyRite calls-that-are-me now honors the [PktSpotBar] section as well as [RttyRite] section and the Packet spot setup now also disables those calls for RttyRite highlighting.
  • Broadcast score includes club.

12.49 April, 2020

  • Add RTTY mouse support to NCCC Sprint module.
  • Fix crash in RU DXC module when editing a previous QSO.
  • Add CQMMDX contest module.
  • RTTY Weekend Spring module.
  • Add HolyLand contest module.
  • Add NRRL Fylkest contest module.
  • Update waterfall module to show callsigns.

12.48 February, 2020

  • Fix intermittent crash at exit in RttyRite.
  • Default country-files URL to https:
  • Remove bogus error message when control site connects to remote with RTTY clone windows.
  • CW Options to control Winkey sidetones.
  • Support sending packet spot information to any controlled radios (e.g. Flex using SmartSDR.)
  • Update for NMQP rules.

12.47 January, 2020

  • Add Kenwood TS-590 rig driver for data mode support.
  • Don’t create redundant DGTL column.
  • Make DGTL column repeat across network.
  • Add 115200 baud setting for rigs.

12.46 December, 2019

  • Fix intermittent sound transmit failure when pressing an f-key after an ESC, after an f-key (or multiple) that sent more than 10 seconds of sound.
  • Fix failure to initialze WinKeyer echoback on. Affects only WinKeyers that did not default to on.
  • For WriteLog remote control, fix occasional “pops” in remote audio that showed up mostly when you select very low bandwidths at Audio connect time.
  • Break continuous recording files at the top of the hour.
  • When Rtty or DigiRite window is connected, log/dupe as digital mode regardless of rig’s reported mode

12.45 November, 2019

  • Add Setup toolbar. And ability to edit toolbars.
  • Add mp3 format support for continuous recording.
  • Continuous recording updates the main status bar on file changes and, with a red background, on an error.
  • Add Yaesu FTDX-101D/MP rig setting.
  • Fixed Band Map center frequencies are saved on Setup/Save-Configuration
  • For WAE contests with QTCs and when reporting to score server, add the QTCs to the QSO total.

12.44 October, 2019

  • Enable RC-1101 knob to control per-radio AF gain.
  • Update WW Digi module to not complain that an empty grid entry is “unknown”
  • Support atomic strings inside CQ message.
  • Add f-key message edit icon to File toolbar.
  • California QSO Party update remove 6m and 2m and accept DX as QTH for in-state.

12.43 September, 2019

  • WW Digi Cabrillo update.
  • ADIF export Mode before Submode.
  • Support digital modes in IC-7610, IC-7300, IC-7410, IC-7100 drivers.
  • Fix K3’s RC-1101 support for VFOA/VFOB broken in 12.41

12.42 August, 2019

  • Make the default font for multiplier displays high-DPI aware. Note it may be changed in writelog.ini.
  • Update for latest WW Digi rules.
  • Fix too-tall Entry Windows on startup if using Columns.
  • Fix bug in control site code that causes issues after about 10 hours of operation.
  • Ensure check call is updated on logging a QSO, including especially when WriteLogRunMode moves the keyboard focus before the QSO is logged.
  • Add more virtual knobs to control site K3 “Softwin”

12.41 July, 2019

  • Add setting to tunable SDR sharing antenna. The new setting controls the “jump” distance as you tune.
  • Update RC-1101 support for K3, K2, and Icom.
  • Fix several startup/shutdown intermittent bugs in using RC-1101 on local rigs.
  • Add Arkansas QSO Party.
  • Add full manual SDR startup option.
  • Add cabrillo export to ARRL Field Day module.
  • Change cabrillo export for CAQP and PAQP to issue one country per line, multiple lines per multi-county QSO.
  • Add World Wide Digi contest module
  • Add [entry]AlwaysAdifPrefill. Filling Entry Window QSO fields will either overwrite a previous entry, or it won’t, consistently for all sources.
  • When filling fields from a CALL entry, enforce the same priority for all sources. Already-in-log is highest priority, then prefill from ADIF, followed by whatever the multiplier module does, which, for example, might be a zone lookup from a CALL.

12.40 June, 2019

  • Fix 7QP Cabrillo output to enable power classification.
  • SDR Automation Object
  • Enable WriteLog to copy an IQ stream it reads from an ExtIO dll to a Virtual Audio Cable.
  • Do not transmit cut-numbers in any mode except CW. (This incorrect behavior was inadvertently introduced in 12.29)
  • Reorder ExtIO dll startup to match HDSDR. Latest Funcubedongle ExtIO no longer complains.
  • ExtIO support includes changing the sample rate.
  • Update Check Call window on logging a QSO regardless of keystroke or other cause of it being logged.
  • When creating a new contest log, if there is a digital band, ensure a “DGTL” column is part of the log.
  • Export FT4 per most recent ADIF and LOTW specifications.

12.39 May, 2019

  • Update GA QSO Party cabrillo output
  • Add Arizona QSO Party
  • Update AZQP, PAQP, and NVQP in-state modules for each to accept each other’s county abbreviations as aliases for their state. Those QSO parties all run concurrently.
  • Band Map and DigiRite waterfalls use 1000+ colors
  • Band Map min and max replaced by range and max.
  • In-state TXQP, CAQP, PAQP, KYQP modules all now export LOTW overriding any US_STATE that might be specified in the staring TQSL Location, whether it is present or whether it is correct.

12.38 March, 2019

  • Direct Mouse Wheel event to window with mouse cursor (or use ini setting to send to focus window, compatible with previous versions).
  • Increase control site RPC timeout to 30 seconds.
  • Add CallUsed and get accessor to SerialNumber OLE automation methods.
  • Writelog.ini [ControlSite]LogFileName=path-to-log-file creates a control site log file.
  • Ensure trailing slash in [configuration]datafiles=path-to-data.
  • Packet Terminal source code update. No visible changes.
  • Support digital mode plug-in interface.

12.37 February, 2019

  • When running SO2V with the K3, give it time to switch between transmit vfos.
  • Cabrillo generation emits “DG” instead of “RY” for digital QSOs.
  • Prevent Check Call from mixing updates from multiple Entry Windows. Now it only shows the update from the most recently changed one.
  • Fix Control Site bug. Setup/Restart-Control-Site failed to reconnect Band maps.
  • Remote sound UDP 8 bit compander fills missing packets with companded zero.
  • Fix failure to start SDRs on Setup/SDR-Setup OK button (worked on Apply)
  • Check Call window presentation changes. Will update on click from RttyRite.
  • Fix WriteLog Control Site “null object” exception that happens the very first time you run it on a fresh install.
  • Fix failure to do SSB message recording on SHIFT+Fkey for certain configurations. Bug was introduced with remote control in version 12.33.

12.36 January, 2019

  • Support Entry Windows in columns with keyboards.
  • Fix an intermittent hidden-hang-at-exit of WriteL32.exe for the case there had been at least one control site previously connected.
  • Optimize the menu checkbox display for the control site Radio menu (that was really slow to update.) This breaks remote/control compatibility across versions. 12.36+ now required on both ends.
  • Fix failure to auto-resume CQ for the case of pressing an f-key on an Entry Window while that same Entry Window is transmitting
  • Update the CW/SSB/RTTY memory edit to enforce a leading %X on all modes if on any.
  • Update the K3 driver to support K3’s new SWR serial command for display on RC-1101.
  • Lookup friend.ini in [Configuration]Datafiles directory in preference to the (protected) installation directory.
  • Enable configuring and loading multiple shortcut processing assemblies.
  • Shortcut processors can coordinate across control-site/remote-site. An example is the ASW12V antenna switch.
  • Add support for the RC1101 control device for local rigs.
  • MN QSO Party cabrillo update.
  • Allow leading minus or plus sign in RST fields.

12.35 December, 2018

  • Expanded automation interfaces needed to log all the FT8 options.
  • Fix hang at close for the case of one-device-per radio, Echo mic turned on, and a control site has previously connected.
  • Add support for audio devices that only have 24 bit integer formats
  • Change Control Site icon.
  • Control site Band Map restore previous update rate and resolution on startup.

12.34 November, 2018

  • Improve remote audio quality.
  • Remote audio with UDP if a UDP path exists.
  • 12.33 broke dueling CQs (auto-resume). Fix it.

12.33 October, 2018

  • Add Remote Rig Control.
  • .NET 4.5.2 is now required and the installer checks for that version. WriteLog still requires Win7 or later. Microsoft’s 4.5.2 installer works back to Win7.
  • Make WriteLog’s XMMT.ocx support more tolerant of the XMMT.ocx’s ptt startup sequencing. The issue only happens when using XMMT.ocx to transmit AFSK. The symptom that is fixed is an intermitent termination of a transmission after just one second or less.
  • Add ability to turn off exclusive sound device access for two-radios-on-one-device.
  • Support the K3’s “FI” command. This means an SDR on a K3 IF will keep its frequency calibration regardless of mode, IF shift, etc. If you have a K3 already setup for an SDR, this update will invalidate any existing SDR per-mode offset settings, which you must manually remove using the SDR wizard.
  • Fix setting Icom IF filter to 1 on certain Icom rigs.
  • Add OLE Automation to manipulate RTS and DTR of rig ports and CW keyer port.

12.32 September, 2018

  • Update to PAQP rules

12.31 August, 2018

  • Fix WriteLog hang if WinKey USB port or SO2R box interface is removed while WriteLog is running.
  • Fix bug in Super Check Partial that failed to display matches of +1/+2 of in-the-log QSOs if there is no dta file to search.
  • Third try to get[cut-numbers] right. LeadingZero is now in section defined by hyphen and not underscore, per the documentation.
  • Update to latest AL QSO Party rules.

12.30 July, 2018

  • SDR uses ExtIO set LO at startup.
  • Fix misplaced caret in Entry Window for various scenarios, including Radio/ExchangeLR
  • Update to use TQSL library version 2.4
  • Import/Export FT8 QSOs via ADIF and LOTW.
  • RttyRite on-screen indicator of which among clones provided the current QSO info.
  • Sound board mixer control is now available within WriteLog as well as the Windows Start menu.
  • Make the Exchange L/R shortcut abort any programmed message in progress.
  • On reading, comply with ADIF spec that <EOH> is missing if first character is <
  • Convert Shift-Fkey WAV file record to WIN6 API.
  • K3 rig driver optimizations for mouse wheel.
  • TS-2000 rig driver optimizations for mouse wheel.
  • Mouse wheel available is indicated by highlighting the edge of the Entry Window. And this feature is added to the Band Map.
  • The CW cut-number update in 12.29 didn’t work. Now it does

12.29 June, 2018

  • Improvements to Icom rig drivers. Add SO2V support to IC-7600, 7610, 7800, 7850/1
  • Elecraft K-3 driver fix for 2-Entry Window split operation on “main” rig.
  • Add SO2V options.
  • Add EntryClearUnfocused command.
  • Add Entry options setup tab.
  • Reorder Setup menu for consistency.
  • Make CW cut-number handling consistent with documentation, and allow a different lead-zero cut number from zeros inside.

12.28 May, 2018

  • Remove the old x10 for points in PAQP left over from the days of 1/2 point QSOs in that contest.
  • Update MS QSO Party to latest rules.
  • K3 and Kenwood rig settings honor the MOUSE_WHEEL_HZ ini setting.
  • More improvements to Band Map display of overlapping SDR waterfalls.

12.27 April, 2018

  • K0PC CWOPS and NCCC Sprint modules now part of WriteLog install
    kit by permission.
  • Fix problem with RTTY intermittently and incorrectly
    sending previously logged CALL on Insert.
  • Auto-CQ function key selection is now sticky across a WriteLog restart.
  • Support Kentucky QSO Party.

12.26 March, 2018

  • Reduce one Flex radio selection click
  • Force web Cabrillo submit to topmost window.
  • Insert with RTTY will return a dupe if that is all there is. Clone search through call queue simplified.
  • Click on a CALL with RTTY now finishes with simulated SPACE character, which will tab over RST.
  • The SendCallandExchange command (by default on Insert) will revert to the last sent call if it cannot get any other.

12.25 February, 2018

  • On a Fixed Band Map window, having done a Tune-to-selected-station/RadioN, subsequent double-clicks go to that same radio.
  • Submit Cabrillo to a web link offers to copy the full file path to Windows clipboard.
  • NAQP module returns correct Cabrillo tag now with zero QSOs in the log.
  • Fix bug introduced in 12.21 that intermittently inserted extra transmit characters when using Hardware FSK, Software FSK TXD, or Software FSK DTR (and only these settings.)
  • Fix bug introduced in 12.23 with TinyFSK that, for Hardware or Software FSK, but not TinyFSK, followed every letter F by an extra letter, R.
  • Add RttyRite option to block highlighting of selected calls.

12.24 January, 2018

  • Enable SDR of type IQ on ExtUI to be “SDR Follows Configured Rig/”
  • Enable SDR rig selections to include “Manual Entry Windows” with no connected rig.
  • Fixed SDRs preserve previously displayed waterfall as long as graphics remain valid. (Scrolling OK, but zoom and resize are not.)
  • Band Map “tune to selected station” selection is saved across restarts.
  • Add IC-7610 rig entry.
  • Fix delay on abort transmission when running RTTY TinyFSK.
  • Improve drawing of overlapping SDR waterfalls.
  • Fix RTTY auto-CQ bug that, for certain configurations, used message begin-to-begin time instead of the correct end-to-begin.
  • INI entry to begin auto-CQ on startup.
  • For contests that support only web submission, present a link.

12.23 December, 2017

  • Automation support for querying keyboard/transmit focus.
  • Fix keyboard handling for WAE QTC Receive dialog.
  • Add support for TinyFSK
  • In Setup/Ports, if CW is Winkeyer2 and SO2R is OTRSP, then send PTT and Radio A/B commands to both devices.
  • Save more URL’s in Broadcast Scores.
  • Fix NAQP 10 minute rule countdown.
  • Add 10 minute rule display for A/B
  • Add Fixed Band Map #6
  • Fix various issues with keyboard focus getting away from the Entry Window when it should not.

12.22 November, 2017

  • SDRs comply more closely with HDSDR ExtIO.dll spec.
  • Add SDR RF/IF configuration for ExtIO.dll SDRs.
  • Add diagnostics for why an SDR stops unexpectedly.
  • Broaden audio support to more 32b float formats.
  • Plug a hole in the SDR setup wizard that gave the spectrum around 0Hz unless you reselect Rig on COMMn even if it already showed selected.
  • More options for Band Map Appearance.
  • Update JARTS-RTTY module for their changes to log submission format.
  • Support Cabrillo X-QSO: tag

12.21 October, 2017

  • HIQP. Don’t falsely flag K/VE stations as country multipliers.
  • WAE cosmetic update to Send QTC dialog.
  • Restrict bare key shortcuts to Entry Window focus, except for top keyboard row.
  • Add automation access to read subreceiver frequency.
  • Add ability for RttyRite to share its FSK transmit port.
  • When WriteLog is first launched, if you open an existing file, it is scrolled to the bottom of the log.
  • Add ability for RttyRite to continuously log its transmit/receive text to a file.
  • Improve FSK write Port error handling to better work with Remote Rig.
  • Add [rttyrite]DisableFskPttOnDtrAndRts. Disables COM port PTT from RttyRite
  • When one rig with supporting SO2R on two COM slots is setup in Port/Setup, retain the same COMM PTT setting for both slots at Save/Configuration time.
  • Add File/Web Update SCP Files…
  • The EntrySendCallExchange command (by default on the Insert key) in Rtty sets the CALL from the first RttyRite window if it has a call, else it tries its clones.
  • Add RttyRite Edit Options
  • Fix CQ WW RTTY missing “state” multiplier for scoreboard posting.
  • Display improvements in the Great Circle calculator.
  • Restore CRLF line endings in ADIF export that was switched to LF in version 12.17

12.20 September, 2017

  • The following modules, on Cabrillo export, used to convert received QTH using namedmul.ini and the [contest-Alias] sections in it. They now export the QTH as logged.
    • ARRL DX Contest (outside W/VE)
    • CQ World Wide RTTY Contest
    • North American QSO Party (CW or Phone)
    • RAC Canada Contests
    • ARRL RTTY Round Up
    • ARRL November Sweepstakes
  • Update ALQP to latest rules
  • Remove RST from ARRL 222MHz&Up Cabrillo export.
  • Add command to scan the log for invalid entries.
  • Make ARRL November Sweepstakes respond to the “Scan-the-log” for PREC and CK entries..
  • Texas QSO Party in-state flag invalid state/country abbreviations
  • When calculating the mode from the frequency of a packet spot for a mixed-mode contest, restrict the selected modes in Edit Subbands to those modes actually in the contest.
  • Install a default .subbands file for calculating mode from packet spot frequency.
  • Honor update interval in Band Map better.
  • Keep the “local” spots a little cleaner by deleting spots of corrected calls.
  • Winkeyer fix. Some Winkey hardware stutters on its pinconfig command during transmission.
  • Add more keyboard shortcuts to WAE contest QTC dialogs, and change its multiplier display calculation to include the bonuses for low bands.
  • Fix various sequences that moved keyboard focus away from the Entry Window that should not.

12.19 August, 2017

  • Fix “flashing” band map introduced in 12.18. Happens only when docked and on certain Entry Window fields.
  • Removed long-time favorite annoyance: packet window can now be closed, which disconnects from the packet cluster.
  • For broadcast score posting, if don’t know how to categorize the mult column, call it “state”
  • Add Properties dialog to Check Call window.
  • Multiple Entry Windows can control one rotator as long as they match COM port number and rotator type.
  • Honor the update interval in the Band Map.
  • When using combination of Winkeyer2 and sound board for SO2R, fix menu dropdown display of split/normal
  • DVK type of None routes MessageShiftnn commands on voice mode through the message memories just like CW/RTTY, rather than attempting DVK record on “None”.

12.18 July, 2017

  • Fix Edit Subbands to require admin privilege.
  • Reduce audio artifacts in device-per-radio headphones switching between split/normal.
  • Display all the audio tuning parameters in the soundboard setup for both one-device and one-radio modes.
  • You can type in a contest name for Broadcast Scores.
  • Fix crash that can happen on selecting a contest under File/New if there are spots already in the Packet Window.
  • Add Main rcvr to R headphone routing option for subreceiver audio.
  • Fix failure to send WAV files in one-devicer-per-radio mode for certain sound cards that take only stereo and silently ignore monochannel audio.
  • Fix the automation HeadphonesSplit method which was causing an intermittent issue supporting WriteLogRunMode headphone control over an OTRSP device
  • Use the Edit Bands .SubBands file to map packet spot frequency to mode.
  • Preset Exchange from ADI file, on finding the needed ADIF tag missing and others present, presents a dialog of those present that might be used instead.
  • Support for %GP macro in message buffers. Currently only the Elecraft K3 rig driver.
  • Fix unintentional change in 12.11 that turned Super Check completely off with no DTA file specified. This fix restores the old behavior of matching only against the QSOs in the log.
  • Band Summary has right click to Copy-to-Clipboard and change its display order.
  • Check Call has right click to change its display order.
  • Iowa QSO Party rules update.

12.17 June, 2017

  • Fix Rttyrite failure to access certain TNC’s on USB serial ports.
  • Leading %X honored for any mode
  • Add support for Hawaii QSO Party
  • Make [cut-numbers] of 0 default to T to comply with the documentation.
  • Keyboard focus on Band Map honors Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Double click in Band Map spectrum tunes rig to that frequency.
  • Add File/Export-Selection-As. Useful for LOTW export of part of the log.
  • Update Florida QSO party to multiply score by power level.
  • Honor documentation on [wlsound]EchoMicBufferMaxMsec in Exclusive mode, and default to 20msec.
  • Enter sends QRZ/Exchange gets a place on the status bar if you change its setting.
  • Remaining under test
    • Yaesu FTDX-3000 rig support.
    • Icom IC-9100 rig support
    • Support for %GP macro in message buffers, which is only on the Elecraft K3 rig driver.

12.16 April, 2017

  • Super Check title is updated if the DTA file cannot be opened.
  • Improve One-Sound-Board-Per-Radio Test setup.
  • Fix long-standing bug in the Great Circle Bearings display that prevented display of sunrise or sunset times that happened to be 0000Z.
  • Follow Me follows Manual Entry rig as well as real rig.
  • Limit Band Map zoom range, and use finer zoom change per wheel click.
  • Fix LAQP band labels.
  • Update SCQP to latest rule changes.
  • Update band edges for 75G and up.
  • Improve handling of BandsBandUpRetainCall/BandsBandDownRetainCall. CALL is set only if it was blank before.
  • Add support for the new ARRL 222MHz and up DX contest.
  • Add support exporting TQSL rover logs for TQP, CQP, PAQP and for all VHF contests.
  • Fix installer bug that made File/Web-Update… for certain 12.09 through 12.15 installations break with a “can’t unzip” message.

12.15 March, 2017

  • Add API for real-time access to WriteLog’s QSOs. Example at
  • Fix failure to honor the “Dupe. Type this field with Dupe Check” setting in Contest/Exchange-Format-Setup
  • Fix failure to show Check Calls if there are zero bands setup for band checking.
  • Add ability to automate fixed Band Map
  • Update for RSGB Commonwealth Contest
  • Default RTTY messages are copied from CW, except 5NN becomes 599

12.14 February, 2017

  • Tolerate non-compliant ERROR_IO_PENDING COM port driver for rig.
  • K3 and TS-2000 drivers tolerate more than 150msec delayed response.
  • Broadcast Scores to sends “total” for single band contest.
  • In RttyRite window, when using a font that has wider bold characters than its normal face (e.g. Lucidia) leave space for bolding. Leaves space at right edge of RttyRite window instead of obscuring the ends of lines with bolding.
  • Fix NA Sprint CW and RTTY handling of KH6 multiplier.
  • Update INQP to newest rule change.

12.13 January, 2017

  • 10 minute rule calculations take only clock minute logged into account, not seconds

12.12 December, 2016

  • Yet more keyboard focus improvements.
  • Fixed Band Map right mouse can set radio from selection of 1-4.
  • Arrow keys, when keyboard focus is on the Band Map, scroll the Band Map.
  • WAE RTTY Send QTC add end-of-transmission character to individual transmit QTC.
  • Fix failure to read 8-bit quantized WAV files that was introduced in 12.09

12.11 November, 2016

  • Remove Selected Stations from Band Map also removes them from Spot window. Delete from Spot Window removes from Band Map.
  • Save Band Map Frequency-Increases-Up between runs.
  • Improve keyboard focus handling when you switch away from WriteLog and back.
  • Fix bug when ADIF prefix “for entering QSOs” is turned off.
  • Super Check Partial enhancements.

12.10 October, 2016

  • More integration issues with WriteLogRunMode: Message02 is notified, too.
  • INI entry to turn off simulator spots.
  • Fix intermittent failure to receive with XMMT.ocx after ALT+K
  • Fix bug in Band Change window processing
  • Fix PAQP Cabrillo export

12.09 September, 2016

  • Better integrate with WriteLogRunMode. Avoid hang: don’t notify empty messages.
  • Improved support for SSB WAV file transmission.
  • Support Contest Super Simulator SSB mode.
  • PAQP section list update for Canadian sections.
  • Add SuperCheck option to use different CALL per radio.

12.08 August, 2016

  • Better support for Contest Super Simulator (Radio/this-radio-is no longer required for SO1R support, for example)
  • Add FT-991 and FT-1200 rig selections.

12.07 July, 2016

  • For Two-Radios-on-One-Device audio, allow the Receiver audio selection to be blank.
  • Mouse wheel tunes “manual entry”.
  • Arrl SS module uses official ADIF labels for CHECK and PRECEDENCE
  • Support Contest Super Simulator frequency tuning and RTTY
  • Correct WinKey2 pinconf, and improve timeout messages
  • Close Band Map early in shutdown process.
  • Warn RTTY messages with %E not at end
  • Make TS-2000 driver more tolerant of various responses to FA/FB
  • IARU-HF ADIF export uses official ITUZ ADIF tag now.

12.06 June, 2016

  • Remove Winkey 1 calibrate sequence from Winkey2 setting
  • Enable .NET version of internet logbook client to connect to an unsigned SSL certificate on [ScoreUdp]IgnoreCertificateErrors=1
  • Fix crash on overflow of network message display window.
  • More filtering in ICOM rig driver for bad received packets.
  • Options for setting the WinKey RTS line.

12.05 May, 2016

  • Fix scoring and bandmap checking of RUDXC.
  • Update support to send version and multi-mode summaries.
  • Add [winkey]IgnoreSpeedPot
  • ARRL SS pre-fills exchange from prior dupe QSO
  • Expand GAQP multiplier column for >99 multipliers
  • WinKey driver reliability changes
  • Add ability to disable CW space sent on startup.
  • Add OK-OM Dx Contest.
  • Remove WPX summary sheets.
  • Update Field Day, IARU, RTTY Roundup summary sheets.
  • Fix failure introduced in 12.01 to invoke first two External commands defined by plug-in assembly.

12.04 April, 2016

  • For receiver to headphone sound routing, support auto-detect of subreceiver audio on Right channel of stereo.
  • Add option to decimate SDR input.
  • Fix QSL printing skip labels on first page feature.
  • Add coarser SDR spectrum resolutions of 64Hz and 128Hz.
  • Update WriteLog rig i/o to conform to Microsoft documentation for overlapped i/o
  • Fix K2 driver to set split
  • Fix looping in DVK/voice mode when used with run-mode-processor

12.03 March, 2016

  • Fix intermittent crash on File/Open due to superchk restart.
  • Fix xmmt.ocx support to honor PTT_END_HOLD setting.
  • Fix intermittent crash on selecting CW COM port on or off.
  • Streamline Texas QSO Party in-state county line operation.
  • CTRL mouse wheel to zoom the band map.
  • Fix failure of UP arrow key to cycle through Entry Windows with UpDownCyclesThroughLog=0
  • Fix mousewheel tuning for hi-res mouse wheel.
  • Removing unwanted mutiplier summary dialog on File/Open (WPX contests were doing this, among others).
  • Make F10 key either activate the menu (per Windows standard) or run a shortcut, but not both.
  • Fix use of WAE QTC dialogs.
  • Add “My email address” to Cabrillo generation.
  • Ignore instead of crash on certain unusual GPU FFT failures.
  • Fix BandMap right click Remove-All. It worked, but did not appear to–it left them on the screen.

12.02 February, 2016

  • Fix sizing of text in certain windows that did not fit properly on hi-res displays. Startup most recently used and Check Call.
  • Scaling control for the band map.
  • Bandmap now has right mouse menu command “Remove All” like WriteLog 11 had.
  • The Fixed Bandmap would open up blank on File/Open. Now it has a band map in it.
  • On Edit Settings in startup screen, use system default INI file editor.
  • To real time rate graph, add check box to enable/disable the legend display.
  • During Save Configuration, hold down CTRL to clear the WriteLog registry settings of window positions. After restart of WriteLog, File/New will show factory-default rather than Saved positions.
  • Fix issue with Edit QSO tool only 1 pixel tall. Also, keep it positioned next to the Log Window.
  • Add View Docked captions.
  • Add keyboard shortcut commands that switch the rate graph to either entire period or recent real time.
  • Add support for SDRs that provide IQ via ExtIO, and change the nomenclature everywhere that 12.01 said “ExtDLL” to read “ExtIO”.
  • Fix Band map resolution OFF setting…make it really turn off.
  • Fix crash if you use [entry]AutoFillFromBandmapHz
  • Add faster band map SDR spectrum update intervals. Save them in settings, and update all open band maps when you change them from one.

12.01 January, 2016

  • Toolbars with icons from
  • New band map display with support to overlay SDR spectra
  • Support OmniRig as client–shares rig control with other apps
  • configure SDRs for band map display
  • Replace Export with Export-Copy-As. File/Save-As only creates .wl file
  • Button to email CC of Cabrillo to scp
  • Docking panes changed to use MFC Feature Pack.
  • Save -DockingPanes.reg file
  • add ADIF, LOTW, and Cabrillo export to the toolbar
  • Disable File/Open menu entry if there are unsaved QSOs in the log.
  • The Packet spot window has option to view spots of “me”.
  • Add fudge-factor for packet spot Follow Me that fixes that setting for ARRL SS.
  • The Rate Graph is in a dockable window and the current hour updates in real time.
  • Settings are in the registry and are to be edited only from the startup screen. They can be copied to/from an INI file, and imported from version 11 writelog.ini
  • Turn off creating a networking diagnostic file WlogNetDde_nn.log with [network]LogFileVersion=-1.
  • Add options for using the preset exchange.