About Registration Codes

When you purchase WriteLog, you receive a registration code based on your call sign. The first time WriteLog runs after you install it, it requires you to type in your call sign and the corresponding registration code.

As of version 10.19, each WriteLog upgrade version will have its own registration code, and will also accept the registration code for your call sign for any WriteLog version released in the preceding 12 months. The upgrade versions will continue to be posted here on the site for free download, but an upgrade version that is too new for your registration code will not install.

Please note: a given code and WriteLog version will continue to work indefinitely without paying for an upgrade. You only need to buy an upgrade if you want to install newer versions. Older versions continue to work with old codes.

Why do registration codes help users of WriteLog?

This change will enable us to get upgrades into customers hands more quickly than we could when we had to accumulate enough features into a new version. With the new scheme, we can deliver new features as quickly as we can build them and test them, and you can download them for 12 months after your purchase.

Why Registration Codes?

Because WriteLog is a copyrighted commercial program and not available for free copying, WriteLog employs a simple registration code that is computed from your amateur call sign. Anyone using WriteLog with a “borrowed” call sign and registration code is requested to immediately purchase the program or de-install it.