Customizable Log Entry Window

Each contest has its own exchange and WriteLog can be configured to log any of them. The only requirement is that every exchange must at least have a CALL field. The fields of the contest exchange may be changed at any time using the Edit Exchange format setup menu entry. You can either define the exchange from scratch or add fields to the existing exchange.

Support for Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

WriteLog allows you attach essentially anything to QSO’s in the log using OLE objects. Each QSO in the log can be a container for an OLE object such as a note, picture, sound file, etc.

WriteLog makes its QSO data available for linking and embedding as well. Use Edit Copy View To Clipboard to make you log data available to other applications for linking and embedding.

Extensive on-line context sensitive help

Everything you need to know to operate the program can be found in the extensive on-line help.