Web Log Review

WriteLog’s Web Log Review is a web application that can be used to publish your log on the web so that web users can query your log and play audio snippets from it. You need access to a web server with PHP support in order to publish your log. Setting up a web server is an advanced concept not covered here, but suffice it to say that, with few exceptions, you cannot serve the web from home on a cable modem or DSL connection.

Here is a demonstration page with just one hour of QSOs: https://writelog.com/Demo/wlLogReview.php?embed=1&useRE=1&callsign=~.*~

Once you have a web server with PHP capabilities, here is how you post your log so that it can be queried from the web.

  • Download the WriteLog https://github.com/w5xd/WlWebLogReview git repo to your machine so you may edit its contents.
  • Only one of the files must be edited, wlConfig.php.
  • Upload the edited files, along with your ADIF-formatted log, and the audio .WAV files.

See the detailed instructions on github.