Revision History-Version 9

Version 9.23 March 1999

New and Improved

  • Added support for PSK-31.
  • Updated WPX scoring to accommodate rule changes for 1-point in country QSOs.
  • Added PK-232 and KAM support for TncInit
  • Added LptABSense entry to writelog.ini file.
  • Added LineInIndexOverride INI entry to override WriteLog’s choice of Line In for sound board mixers.


  • Fixed intermittent problem with network startup.
  • Make network retry one time when a connection drops out.
  • Moved Edit Sort Order menu entry to Setup Sort order and serial numbers
  • Fixed failure to save summaries in TXT format in BARTG.
  • Fixed clipping of left edge of multiplier names in some Contest Show Multipliers screens.

Version 9.22 February 1999

New and Improved

  • Support for Minnesota QSO party.
  • Improved WinRTTY weak signal copying ability.


  • Fixed: if you started a RTTY window from WriteLog and then closed it, ALT+K would not bring up a CW window anymore.
  • When typing in a split frequency, validate it against band edges and refuse to set the split out of band.
  • When setting a split calculated from a packet spot, validate it against band edges and don’t use it if out of band.
  • If a contest has per-band multipliers that don’t depend on the call sign,use previously logged QSOs with that call on other bands to flag multipliers.
  • The reports introduced in 9.21 only totaled CW QSOs for multi-mode contests.
  • Fixed problem introduced in 9.21 that resulted in sometimes showing the serial number 65535.
  • CQ 160m needs a 2 character column for points (10 point QSOs)

Version 9.21 January, 1999

  • Added statistics reports. Hourly breakdown, QSOs by Continent, QSOs by Country.
  • Added support for Florida QSO party.
  • Update CTY files to Oct 27, 1998
  • Edit time on/off would refuse to remove a calculated time off once entered in the log.
  • The flash of the net gab display advertised in the previous release was missing and is in this release.
  • Right click on the column title buttons in the Entry Window aborts any transmission in progress.
  • Add Abort Transmission to the menu popup you get with right click in RTTY window.
  • In the packet spot window, selecting a spot and typing the DELETE key removes it from the window.
  • Added INI entry for reversing the sense of the PTT output on an LPT port.
  • Compute spot message using only QSOs logged from this computer—ignore networked computers.
  • Updated the Frequency Correction dialog to allow editing split frequencies.
  • Add INI entry to make the “COUNTRY” and “C” fields NOT show up in the prompt by default.
  • Setting up a timed CQ does not automatically start a CQ.
  • Correctly honor a decimal point when setting split.
  • Added ability to adjust colors in super check partial.
  • Rate window has a right-mouse pop up to allow changing between all band and single band rates.
  • For Icom rigs, set the passband width back to whatever it last was read when setting a mode and frequency.
  • WinRTTY AFSK now transmits a short (~200msec) spacing signal at startup when running stereo on NT instead of nearly 2 seconds.
  • Added INI entry for Icom rig driver that forces the rig out of split mode when WriteLog did not set it to split.
  • Update time on/off handling for NAQP for all 3 modes.
  • Fixed bug on automatically showing a time on/off when entering a new QSO after editing one more than 30 minutes old.

Version 9.20 December, 1998

  • The program Menus have been completely rearranged to make them easier to use.
  • If you edit the callsign of a QSO in the log, the country gets recalculated automatically.
  • Will not accept logging a callsign without a digit.
  • When changing modes, change the default RST without requiring the Entry Window to be cleared first.
  • WK1 export enhanced to support easy construction of pivot tables in Microsoft Excel.
  • Added support for managing time on/off.
  • Added TIME-OFF to ARRL file output for SS, ARRL 10M, RTTY Round up.
  • Fix on/off time display calculation when QSOs are logged out of time order.
  • RTTY lockout last-one-wins works with CW, too. Especially good for single-op multi-radio.
  • Flash the border of the net gab display when messages are added.
  • Fix W9XT card support for voice and also enable recording from within WriteLog.
  • Disable LPT support on NT (used to crash if you tried to use it).
  • %B processing in a message automatically adds the call to the bandmap.
  • Change the color of sent serial number in Entry Window to blue. But also show it as gray if it has not been locked in for the log.
  • In two-radio operation, if an Entry Window is set inactive for 60 seconds, its serial number is unlocked.
  • If you type a Backspace with the cursor in the left most position in the Entry Window, the serial number is unlocked.
  • Support full two-radio operation on new sound boards that have separate mute switches on each input to the digitizer instead of the one-of-n multiplexer that older models have had.

Version 9.14 November, 1998

  • Added time on/off calculator and display in the Rates window.
  • Updated CTY files to match latest CT files.
  • Add QSX to outgoing packet spots when rig is split.
  • Alphabetized Pennsylvania counties.
  • Fix PAQP and CQP file export to put a space between points and section.
  • Improve font selection in Rttyrite.
  • Make packet, Rttyrite, and writelog rig control never use flow control.
  • Add rig drivers for IC-746 and IC-736. Fix IC-756 handling of splits. Fix handling of splits for all Yaesu rigs.
  • Some Yaesu rig drivers set PKT mode instead of RTTY mode if that’s what the driver read the last time it polled the rig.
  • Increase network transfer speed to about 500 QSOs/sec.
  • Make WAV file processing detect differing wave formats when building a call sign or number message and abort the message rather than generating scrambled audio.
  • If you started the network and changed operators for the first time in a certain order, the OPERATOR column would not get repeated across the network properly.
  • Icom rig drivers return split state if PC set split state until rig is retuned.
  • Set DVK PTT output to off on initialization.
  • When saving the “Tools Return to Freq” from the rig, keep the old frequency if the rig is still at the location set previously by grabbing a packet spot.
  • Changed “Shared Sound Board” to “Stereo Sound Board” to make it more obvious what’s going on.

Version 9.13F October, 1998

  • Add very simple way to append to a NOTES file.
  • Reduce the font size by 10% when printing.

Version 9.13E October, 1998

  • WAV file transmission for SSB: handle spelling out calls with SLASH in them. Handle spelling out calls with Fn in them. Allow spelling out messages with %P and %F in them.

Version 9.13D October, 1998

  • Add OPERATOR indicator to status window.
  • Default timeout of spots in packet window now 20 minutes and settable from INI file.

Version 9.13C October, 1998

  • Mostly bug fixes.
  • Added “Follow me” as an option to the band selector in the packet view so the packet window shows whatever band you are operating on. Also changes a couple of details about how the keyboard focus moves around for gab and packet spots.
  • Do not accept logging a QSO with a ? in the CALL field.

Version 9.13B October, 1998

  • Support logging Operator changes/wave file locations for multi-op in the new menu item Options Change Operators.
  • Added a Packet View with lots of fast features.

Version 9.13 October, 1998

  • Dumb TU was not working properly on Windows NT.
  • Multi-transmitter lockout was not working properly on 2 radio w/1 computer.
  • Network frequency display. A new view allows each station to see the frequency of all the other radios on the network. Each station can also add a display string for its radio.
  • The Entry Window responds to right mouse click with a menu.
  • Network gab.
  • Bandmap knows about stations working split.
  • Fix bug in both California QSO Party and Pennsylvania QSO party for out-of-state entries. If you do a File Save and then later File Open the file, it has forgotten what contest it was for.

Version 9.12E, F, G, H September, 1998

  • Diagnostics and bug fixes.
  • If you edit a QSO time while multiple QSOs are selected, offer to apply the time shift to all selected QSOs.
  • Also fix bug that sometimes caused a crash in WriteLog when running RTTY.

Version 9.12D September 1998

  • More bugs. Fix %I handling in messages
  • Fix “creeping windows” problem: every time you exit and restart the windows were growing one pixel.
  • Save configuration had a selection box for starting a packet window on startup. That box was being ignored.
  • Throttle the use of SuperCheck for slow computers.

Version 9.12C September 1998

  • RTTY: fix crash that happens intermittently as RTTY exits.
  • RTTY: Speed up the use of the super check database for color highlighting.

Version 9.12B September 1998

  • RTTY: If a call is not preceded by “DE”, then highlight it only if it appears in the super check database.
  • Highlight and click properly on calls that get wrapped around the edge of the window.

Version 9.12 September 1998

  • All resizeable windows now resize both when they are docked and when they are floating.
  • Finally found the problem with rigs that won’t work unless you do a Port Setup every time you start.
  • Ask the mode on “start a new log” and restrict the rig modes for: SS, NAS, NAQP, CQ160, ARRLDX.
  • Added Create Summary Sheet menu item for SARTG, JARTS, and VHF.
  • Added BARTG RTTY Sprint support.
  • Eliminated need to copy “ DE “ to detect call signs.
  • Updated the online help topics.

Version 9.11 August 1998

  • Packet connect with Telnet
  • Packet QSX handling
  • Packet fix selecting CW spots in mixed mode contest.

Version 9.10D August 1998

  • Still trying to get WAE just right. This one makes the receive QTC dialog box more tolerant of typing ENTER at the wrong time.
  • Restore behavior changed in 9.10C to previous behavior: Rtty window closes when the log window closes.

Version 9.10C August 1998

  • Count multipliers right for PA-to-PA QSOs when one is on county line.
  • Default the county files for PAQP and CQP to overstrike.
  • For WAE QTC dialogs, make the ENTER key commit everything in the dialog.
  • Make TAB/SPACE in the entry window skip over any fields that you can’t edit (like the QTC field in WAE).

Version 9.10b July 1998

  • Added support for Pennsylvania QSO Party from inside and outside PA.
  • Improved support for multi-mode contests, including CQP.
  • Band up/down, Mode up/down now work better for multi-mode contests.
  • More effective startup dialog.

Version 9.10 July 1998

  • Supercheck no longer updates when the callsign doesn’t change.
  • Great Circle display shows blank when sunrise/sunset are unknown.
  • AFSK transmission on a sound board would crash because of a bug in some sound board drivers especially on Windows 98. This update works around the driver bug.
  • Update WL_CTY.DAT to divide IARU zones up in W/K, VE, UA0.
  • Support SCS TNC.
  • Fix ADIF export problem for IARU, CQWW, ARRL DX (dx).
  • Support WAE contest for phone/CW for inside/outside Europe.
  • IARU multiplier display upgrade.
  • NAQP menu items fixed.
  • Fixed formatting in check call window.
  • Determine modes for VHF bands based on frequency and band plans.
  • Fixed bug where STO/RCL would save the transmitted serial number. It shouldn’t.
  • Fixed bug where RST would not be set to default if the RST field was set to be not visible in the Entry Window prompt.
  • Added right mouse click setup to search and pounce window.
  • Fixed merge running on a single machine.

V9.09 June 25, 1998

  • Display score using localized display settings (puts commas/periods in scores >3 digits).
  • Added sunrise/sunset time to the Heading window. This will give you Gray Line for whatever call you have in the logging window. Click on the Heading window with the right mouse button to customize it. All fields are active by default. You can turn off the ones you don’t want to see.
  • Rearrange the supercheck partial window geometry to fit more calls. Make it a bit faster.
  • Added FT-920 rig driver.
  • Throttle timed CQ to the rate requested.
  • Forbid saving files to .WL extension unless its a file format WL can read (to keep folks from destroying their log files).
  • Add right mouse button context menu to speed up log view.
  • Fix WPX prefix calculation routine.