Remove Registry Entries

WriteLog 12 stores all its user-specific settings in the Windows Registry.

What does “user-specific” mean? When you login to Windows, you have to specify a username. Most WriteLog settings are specific to that Windows login.

There are settings that apply to all users on the machine are setup by the WriteLog installer, but those only be removed by an uninstall. But WriteLog uninstall does not remove user-specific settings, nor does it remove any .wl files or other data files. All of the settings you see in WriteLog’s menus and dialogs are either user-specific, or else even more specific and apply only to the .wl document you have most recently opened. That is, all the settings you see are saved either in the registry or in a .wl file. Those in the registry are reset by the scripts below. By contrast, none of the installer settings are visible or editable from within WriteLog.

The WriteLog.ini import and export in WriteLog’s startup screen do exactly that: import and export.

To give a fresh start to the WriteLog 12 settings for a user, login as that user. Then you may run either VB script below. However, it is recommend that you first download and run this backup script:
This backup script creates the file named WL12userEntries.reg in the same directory as the downloaded bat file. To restore the backed up settings for a user, in Windows Explorer, browse to the file WL12userEntries.reg and double click it.

To clean only WriteLog version 12’s on-screen window positions, download and run this script:
When you next run WriteLog and you want the default window positions while opening an existing file, hold down CTRL when you click the file name to prevent WriteLog from reading the window positions from the .wl file.

To clean out all WriteLog version 12 user-specific entries, download and run this script: