SO2R Support

WriteLog has everything you need to run complete SO2R operation with only:

A recommended addition is a sound card dedicated to playback recorded audio during the contest.

In addition, WriteLog has a plug in software interface for high level automation that is exploited by the WriteLogRunMode component that is published as open source on github. WriteLogRunMode automates both dual CQ operating as well as CQ on one while Search and Pounce on the other.

If you want to run FSK RTTY instead of AFSK RTTY, then you will also need:

  • One COMM port for FSK radio Left
  • One COMM port for FSK radio right

Whether you really need to run FSK is a matter of debate. Some rigs don’t give you full control of their IF filter selections if you run AFSK, but do if you run FSK. However, there is no reason for your on-the-air signal to be distinguishable between AFSK and FSK. Which you run matters only inside your station.

Here’s a drawing of how to wire up two rigs, the Multi+ keyer, and your PC sound board:

PDF drawing of how to setup two rigs, the W5XD keyer, and two COMM ports.

The pictured configuration supports all modes: CW, SSB, and digital (AFSK, PSK) without moving any cables. WriteLog uses the same cabling to receive all modes including its continuous recording feature that can put your entire weekend’s audio–all 48 hours of both rigs–on your disk (if its big enough!).

With the additional sound card installed, you can use it at any point during a continuously recorded contest to playback the audio from any QSO in your log with a simple right click on the QSO.

The “isolation transformers” in the picture above are described more fully on the RTTY setup page. And the RS-232 to on/off level converters are on that same page.