Revision History-Version 11

This page itemizes the changes added to WriteLog since January, 2012. We may update this page as items enter beta test, so it is normal to find one more version on this page than is available from the downloads page.

Here is a description of WriteLog version numbering conventions.

11.42 December, 2016

  • WAE RTTY Send QTC add end-of-transmission character to individual transmit QTC.
  • Fix failure to read 8-bit quantized WAV files that was introduced in 11.40

11.41 October, 2016

  • More integration issues with WriteLogRunMode: Message02 is notified, too.
  • Fix intermittent failure to receive with XMMT.ocx after ALT+K
  • Fix bug in Band Change window processing
  • Fix PAQP Cabrillo export

11.40 September, 2016

  • Better integrate with WriteLogRunMode. Avoid hang: don’t notify empty messages.
  • Improved support for SSB WAV file transmission.
  • PAQP section list update for Canadian sections.
  • Add SuperCheck option to use different CALL per radio.

11.39 August, 2016

  • Add FT-991 and FT-1200 rig selections.

11.38 July, 2016

  • For Two-Radios-on-One-Device audio, allow the Receiver audio selection to be blank.
  • Mouse wheel tunes “manual entry”.
  • Arrl SS module uses official ADIF labels for CHECK and PRECEDENCE
  • Correct WinKey2 pinconf, and improve timeout messages
  • Warn RTTY messages with %E not at end
  • Make TS-2000 driver more tolerant of various responses to FA/FB
  • IARU-HF ADIF export uses official ITUZ ADIF tag now.

11.37 June, 2016

  • Remove Winkey 1 calibrate sequence from Winkey2 setting
  • Enable .NET version of internet logbook client to connect to an unsigned SSL certificate on [ScoreUdp]IgnoreCertificateErrors=1
  • Fix crash on overflow of network message display window.
  • More filtering in ICOM rig driver for bad received packets.
  • Options for setting the WinKey RTS line.

11.36 May, 2016

  • Fix scoring and bandmap checking of RUDXC.
  • Update support to send version and multi-mode summaries.
  • Add [winkey]IgnoreSpeedPot
  • ARRL SS pre-fills exchange from prior dupe QSO
  • Expand GAQP multiplier column for >99 multipliers
  • WinKey driver reliability changes
  • Add ability to disable CW space sent on startup.
  • Add OK-OM Dx Contest.

11.35 April, 2016

  • Update WriteLog rig i/o to conform to Microsoft documentation for overlapped i/o
  • Fix K2 driver to set split
  • Fix looping in DVK/voice mode when used with run-mode-processor

11.34 March, 2016

  • Fix sizing of text in certain windows that did not fit properly on hi-res displays. Startup most recently used and Check Call.
  • Fix intermittent crash on File/Open due to superchk restart.
  • Fix xmmt.ocx support to honor PTT_END_HOLD setting.
  • Fix intermittent crash on selecting CW COM port on or off.
  • Streamline Texas QSO Party in-state county line operation.
  • Fix mousewheel tuning for hi-res mouse wheel.
  • Update WAE handling of Alt+digit and update WAE documentation.
  • Add “My email address” to Cabrillo generation.

11.33 January, 2016

  • update File/Save Commit sequence
  • allow for wider strings in packet macros
  • SCQP updated for 2015 rule changes
  • Remove getscores tab from Broadcast scores
  • Clean up error messages on failed country file download
  • loopback capture of transmitted audio
  • Audio Review OK with 12KHz quad channel recordings
  • Fixed Xmmt support in RttyRite which did not reliably turn PTT off. Most noticeable with ALT+K type-in

11.32 December, 2015

  • Fix bug with typed in zero and ENTER in CALL field.
  • Fix bug with XMMT.ocx support causing an intermittent RttyRite crash.
  • Update to TQSL version 2.1.3
  • Add File/Web-Update-Country-Files
  • Make [network]UseTcp=1 the default so it need not be added to make packet local network operate

11.31 November, 2015

  • Prefill exchange from ADIF, if turned on, is taken into account detecting multipliers for spots and bandmap.

11.30 October, 2015

  • Yaesu FTDX-9000/5000/2000 recalls antenna and preamp settings per band.
  • Fix bug intoduced in 11.29 with CW-only on a COM port failing to be restored at startup.
  • Disable File/New if there are unsaved QSOs in the log.

11.29 September, 2015

  • Continuous recording of only one stereo receiver records both its tracks.
  • Fix Cabrillo contest name for, or add Cabrillo to: Texas QSO Party, All Asia, CQP, IOTA, WAEDC, HADX, JIDX, Oceania.
  • Add ContestNames.ini to ProgramData. Helps with posting scores to if the Cabrillo name doesn’t match.


  • CW/SSB/RTTY memory setup defaults changed
  • Remove work around to old MFC bug that prevented restoring various WriteLog windows.
  • Fix hang for the case of device-per-radio shared access to TX audio channel.

11.27 July, 2015

  • Add RIT Clear command for recent ICOM rigs (7600, 7700, 7800, 7850, 7851).
  • Add IC-7100
  • Update documentation for the Band Changes window.
  • Support read split on recent ICOM rigs that support the new 1C 03 command.
  • For long-running sound output, add heuristic for noticing and recovering from lagging output device.
  • Add Split per radio display for Super Check Partial.
  • Add support for rig drivers to enumerate and identify radios not on COM ports.
  • Remove restriction to multiples of CD-Quality, 44100Hz, audio.

11.26 May, 2015

  • Correctly support combination of Echo Mic and L/R xmtr on same sound device
  • Take into account Quad recording setting when complaining about incompatible sound device sample rates.
  • Fix RttyRite Send Fn to use RTTY-specific memory.
  • Fix bug in internet logbook if Operator column is set before connecting.

11.25 February, 2015

  • Support SSB sprint
  • Turn off RttyRite highlight for both registered CALL and for CALLPREFIX
  • Same sound device is allowed to be selected for both Left/Right transmit.
  • Fix processing of %Mnn sequence in memory messages for RTTY mode.
  • Update MOQP module to latest rules.
  • Bandmap can be presented frequency increasing up or down.

11.24 January, 2015

  • CTY conversion utility to ignore {} country override.
  • WinKey initialization update and handling of paddle notification.
  • Packet spot window redraw efficiency improvement.
  • Support separate sound device per radio.
  • Add dedicated Call Queue window for Push/Pop call to Queue
  • Support continuous recording in quadrature.
  • Fix BandsBandUpRetainCall keyboard shortcut and BandsBandDownRetainCall
  • Separate F-key memories RTTY from CW
  • Automation methods GetFKeyMsgDigital,GetFKeyMsgVoice, GetFKeyMsgCw and their “Set” equivalents are all changed to now comply with their documentation (which is unchanged). Any 3rd party software that worked around the bugs in prior versions will no longer work with Writelog in the same way as before.
  • Disable use of internet cache for various http file downloads.

11.23 November, 2014

  • Fix Broadcast score for certain multi-band contests like CAQP.
  • Texas QSO Party in-state rover log submission improvement.
  • More automation support.
  • Save/restore timed CQ interval in writelog.ini.
  • Improve WAV file selection dialogs.
  • Improve reliability of shutdown of background sound processor.
  • Fixed long-standing intermittent bug that would sometimes hang on non-zero CWPTTDELAY.
  • Add Message01 and MessageShift01 as aliases for Message11, etc.
  • Support PTT on its own COM port.
  • Fix display of slowest CW speed
  • Update NJQP module to latest rules

11.22 September, 2014

  • Radio/Antenna to this azimuth notices if the CALL is a number from 0 through 359 (instead of an azimuth lookup for the CALL from cty.dat).
  • Add Lousiana QSO Party
  • Add SendCustomRigCommand to automation interface
  • HADX rules changes for 2015
  • Fix scoring of ARRL VHF rover logs. (Rovers get mults per contest not per grid of operation)

11.21 June, 2014

  • Update FL QSO Party for correct Cabrillo tag.
  • Throttle back super check partial’s search of in-log QSOs.
  • Setup/Display now has “Make Default” button that affects subsequent File/New.
  • Fix the status bar to limit the width of the left-most pane so CW speeds will always show.
  • Fix bug in WinKey driver that caused occasional crashes.
  • Create a crash dump file on hard crashes. Can be turned off.

11.20 April, 2014

  • Update OK QSO Party for band edges.
  • Add automation methods to match keyboard shortcuts.
  • Add support for external keyboard shortcuts.
  • Honor the timeout argument in the MapStation automation call
  • Timestamp in broadcast score is that of last QSO logged, if there is one.
  • QSL Print setup is separate from the main print setup, and the QSL print setup (only) is saved in the registry. All other printing functions still default to the Windows default printer.

11.19 February, 2014

  • Add KS QSO Party.
  • Enable hardware flow control for Ten Tec Omni. And restrict VFO strings @A and @B.

11.18 January, 2014

  • Improve reliability of internet score posting.
  • Update VAQP for 2014 rules change.
  • Add diagnostics to registry scan for contest list in File/New

11.17 December, 2013

  • Multipler status display to docking window
  • Add score posting timeout setting, defaulting to 30 seconds.
  • Fix crash-on-exit after loading VHF modules.
  • Improve docking window behavior. Includes sizing, switching between floating and docked, and fix incorrect save/restore of certain floating positions.
  • Fix spacing in Check Call window when font is changed.
  • Cabrillo Mode setting improvement for ARRL 160m and NAS

11.16 November, 2013

  • Update scores to directly.
  • Save/Restore most cabrillo settings in .wl file.
  • SSB message sending shifted messages is restored to keyboard shortcuts named MessageShiftPhnn.
  • Message sending of those associated with the Entry window column headers is now on the new keyboard shortcuts named MessageColumnn.

11.15 October, 2013

  • Fix 11.14 problem: Calculate mode properly for Bandmap.

11.14 October, 2013

  • Make File/Merge work properly with TCP networking
  • Make General DXCC tracking log keeper module repeat Name column across the network
  • Handle the SSB DVK memory numbers correctly from WAE SSB QTCs
  • Add 60min timer for CQ WW time off calculator

11.13 September, 2013

  • Fix Send QTC bug in WAE RTTY.
  • Add packet spot blacklisting.
  • Add File/Display Spotting Station to bandmap.
  • Fix enable the various WriteLog control bars to resize when displayed on non-primary monitor
  • Fix to honor RigPollInterval in writelog.ini
  • Add macros to packet terminal window.
  • Update for latest TNQP rules.
  • Update WAE module for 60 minute time-off calculation.

11.12 July, 2013

  • Update for latest NC QSO Party rules.
  • Send WinKey Close command on exit.
  • Convert CTY to WL now is Run As Administrator from the WriteLog start menu.
  • Switch to most recent tqsllib2: version 1.14.3.
  • Update to latest Buckmaster software HAMCAL32.DLL.

11.11 April, 2013

  • Fix issues with support the old MMTTY plugin that broke in 11.10

11.10 March, 2013

  • Support for XMMT.ocx. Replaces the MMTTY plugin
  • Update K3 rig driver to work better with Flex-3000 radio
  • Add NumClonesAtStartup ini entry.
  • Correct Russian DX Contest Cabrillo name RDXC
  • Update to latest NMQP rules

11.09 January, 2013

  • Rules update for MCC Maritime QSO Party.
  • Support for NRAU Baltic Contest.

11.08 December, 2012

  • Update WAQP module for latest rules
  • Fix crash on attempt to graph with PAQP module.
  • Switch order of K3 freq/mode set commands. Now freq first.
  • Add [Configuration] CreateErrorLog=0 to create a COM error log file.

11.07 September, 2012

  • Add ARRL School Club Roundup
  • COQP module which logs the DXCC prefix in the cabrillo log when the SPC is entered as DX
  • ILQP
    • 1. No longer counts US/Canada/AK/HI as separate DX mults
    • 2. Cabrillo log converts “DX” to “DX-prefix” for RCVD field
  • Update the list of VE mults for WAQP/Salmon Run
  • Improve the exchange field/column editing. Columns may now be reordered.

11.06 July, 2012

  • Update for IOTA rules

11.05 July, 2012

  • Audio Review Set Directory… button works on Vista/Win7
  • Fix crash in All Asia module on receipt of certain out-of-band spots.
  • Fix failure to log Operator name. This has apparently been broken for a very long time.
  • Extend packet window width out to 1024 characters (was 80)
  • Add CWPTTIDLE setting to CW PTT dialog.
  • Update for SCQP rules.
  • Fix IARU bug introduced after last year’s contest.

11.04 April, 2012

  • NMQP rules update
  • VAQP rules update
  • Fix installation files omitted from 11.03 for 60m support.

11.03 April, 2012

  • Update Convert CTY to WriteLog, process macros to affect country calculation as well as zone. And if a prefix appears in a WAE country as well as ARRL, ignore the second one for the WAE calculation.
  • Fix networking lockout messaging. Last-one-wins would not work (sometimes) with more than 2 machines networked.
  • Add DXCC country display to beam heading.
  • Add 60m band to DxPedition mode.
  • Encode 60m band properly in TQSL export.

11.02 March, 2012

  • Fix scoring of IARU (was broken in 1087–after 2011 IARU).
  • HADX contest has 4 digit serial numbers.

11.01 January, 2012

  • This version has extensive compiler and tool updates. Requires Windows 2000 and later.
  • Most, but not quite all, of the setup dialogs are consolidated into one of two new tabbed dialogs. All the menu entries still exist, but now go to the appropriate tab and dialog. You can change to the other tabs from there, so now there are multiple ways to get at the entries. One of the tabbed dialogs is “WriteLog Options” and controls items saved for any WriteLog instance for the current user, and the other is “WriteLog Document settings” and controls items that are saved in the .wl file.
  • Internet logbook no longer needs a separate MSSOAP install.
  • TQSL support uses latest libraries from SourceForge, and an obscure failure mode is fixed that was caused if a user had multiple virus checkers installed.
  • The chart features use Microsoft plug-in now.
  • is supported directly from WriteLog.
  • Improve the echo-mic feature for less latency in the Vista/Win7 mode.
  • ILQP sent-field length now long enough for all county combinations.
  • re-arranged menu entries, but none were removed.
  • The NetDDE option for networking is removed. TCP/IP is the only networking option.