Product Info

Check out the features of WriteLog compared to the competition. We’re confident you will agree that it truly is the next generation of high performance contest logging software!

Complete logging for contests and DXpeditions

  • General Purpose Logging Modes
  • General DXCC logging
  • DXpedition Mode
  • Field Day-(with all modes CW, SSB, RTTY, VHF, UHF)
  • All major contests supported
  • Single operator, SO2R and Multi-operator entries supported

Automated, Full Radio Control

  • Kenwood
  • Yaesu
  • Icom
  • Ten-Tec
  • JRC

Save your voice using voice keyer functionality using your Windows-supported sound board

  • Record new messages on-the-fly from within WriteLog.
  • Wire to two radios and automatically switch mic/voice keyer between rigs from the keyboard.

Perfect CW keying even when computer is busy with other tasks.

  • Sends CW using COM or LPT port
  • Program up to 12 message memories including embedded commands such as serial numbers, call being worked, etc.
  • Use cut numbers designated by the user
  • Program up to 20 preset speeds.

Catch the Multiplier With Full Packet Interface and Spotting Support

  • Single key to make a DX announcement.
  • Filters for single and multi-ops.
  • Notification of new QSO’s/multipliers.
  • Use radio or Telnet connections to packet clusters

Choice of output formats

  • Uses Cabrillo output where the contest rules support it
  • Export to standard database, spreadsheet, ASCII files.
  • Export to ADIF files and import to many logging programs.
  • Professional quality reports and summaries on your Windows-supported printer.
  • Choice of QSL card and data output options.

Tools that improve your score and your fun

  • Rate window always shows rate for last 10 and last 100 QSO’s.
  • Automatic calculation and display of off times.
  • Beam Heading window shows great circle bearings (plus long path) and distance automatically calculated when call entered in log.
  • Check Call window displays all call signs in your log that match the string currently in the CALL field in the Entry Window and a summary of bands on which the current QSO would be a new multiplier.
  • Band Summary window displays a band by band breakdown of your scoring, along with your total score. It is automatically updated with every QSO you enter. Each contest customizes the display according to its rules for points and multipliers.

Search & Pounce memories

Store up to 4 call signs and frequency pairs for instant recall when tuning the band.

Extensive on-line context sensitive help

Everything you need to know to operate the program can be found in the extensive on-line help.

Get ahead of your competition and order today. See how WriteLog can make contesting more fun and improve your scores!