Revision History-Version 12

This page itemizes the changes added to WriteLog since January, 2016. We may update this page as items enter beta test, so it is normal to find one more version on this page than is available from the downloads page.

Here is a description of WriteLog version numbering conventions.

12.15 March, 2017

  • Add API for real-time access to WriteLog’s QSOs. Example at
  • Fix failure to honor the “Dupe. Type this field with Dupe Check” setting in Contest/Exchange-Format-Setup
  • Fix failure to show Check Calls if there are zero bands setup for band checking.
  • Add ability to automate fixed Band Map
  • Update for RSGB Commonwealth Contest
  • Default RTTY messages are copied from CW, except 5NN becomes 599

12.14 February, 2017

  • Tolerate non-compliant ERROR_IO_PENDING COM port driver for rig.
  • K3 and TS-2000 drivers tolerate more than 150msec delayed response.
  • Broadcast Scores to sends “total” for single band contest.
  • In RttyRite window, when using a font that has wider bold characters than its normal face (e.g. Lucidia) leave space for bolding. Leaves space at right edge of RttyRite window instead of obscuring the ends of lines with bolding.
  • Fix NA Sprint CW and RTTY handling of KH6 multiplier.
  • Update INQP to newest rule change.

12.13 January, 2017

  • 10 minute rule calculations take only clock minute logged into account, not seconds

12.12 December, 2016

  • Yet more keyboard focus improvements.
  • Fixed Band Map right mouse can set radio from selection of 1-4.
  • Arrow keys, when keyboard focus is on the Band Map, scroll the Band Map.
  • WAE RTTY Send QTC add end-of-transmission character to individual transmit QTC.
  • Fix failure to read 8-bit quantized WAV files that was introduced in 12.09

12.11 November, 2016

  • Remove Selected Stations from Band Map also removes them from Spot window. Delete from Spot Window removes from Band Map.
  • Save Band Map Frequency-Increases-Up between runs.
  • Improve keyboard focus handling when you switch away from WriteLog and back.
  • Fix bug when ADIF prefix “for entering QSOs” is turned off.
  • Super Check Partial enhancements.

12.10 October, 2016

  • More integration issues with WriteLogRunMode: Message02 is notified, too.
  • INI entry to turn off simulator spots.
  • Fix intermittent failure to receive with XMMT.ocx after ALT+K
  • Fix bug in Band Change window processing
  • Fix PAQP Cabrillo export

12.09 September, 2016

  • Better integrate with WriteLogRunMode. Avoid hang: don’t notify empty messages.
  • Improved support for SSB WAV file transmission.
  • Support Contest Super Simulator SSB mode.
  • PAQP section list update for Canadian sections.
  • Add SuperCheck option to use different CALL per radio.

12.08 August, 2016

  • Better support for Contest Super Simulator (Radio/this-radio-is no longer required for SO1R support, for example)
  • Add FT-991 and FT-1200 rig selections.

12.07 July, 2016

  • For Two-Radios-on-One-Device audio, allow the Receiver audio selection to be blank.
  • Mouse wheel tunes “manual entry”.
  • Arrl SS module uses official ADIF labels for CHECK and PRECEDENCE
  • Support Contest Super Simulator frequency tuning and RTTY
  • Correct WinKey2 pinconf, and improve timeout messages
  • Close Band Map early in shutdown process.
  • Warn RTTY messages with %E not at end
  • Make TS-2000 driver more tolerant of various responses to FA/FB
  • IARU-HF ADIF export uses official ITUZ ADIF tag now.

12.06 June, 2016

  • Remove Winkey 1 calibrate sequence from Winkey2 setting
  • Enable .NET version of internet logbook client to connect to an unsigned SSL certificate on [ScoreUdp]IgnoreCertificateErrors=1
  • Fix crash on overflow of network message display window.
  • More filtering in ICOM rig driver for bad received packets.
  • Options for setting the WinKey RTS line.

12.05 May, 2016

  • Fix scoring and bandmap checking of RUDXC.
  • Update support to send version and multi-mode summaries.
  • Add [winkey]IgnoreSpeedPot
  • ARRL SS pre-fills exchange from prior dupe QSO
  • Expand GAQP multiplier column for >99 multipliers
  • WinKey driver reliability changes
  • Add ability to disable CW space sent on startup.
  • Add OK-OM Dx Contest.
  • Remove WPX summary sheets.
  • Update Field Day, IARU, RTTY Roundup summary sheets.
  • Fix failure introduced in 12.01 to invoke first two External commands defined by plug-in assembly.

12.04 April, 2016

  • For receiver to headphone sound routing, support auto-detect of subreceiver audio on Right channel of stereo.
  • Add option to decimate SDR input.
  • Fix QSL printing skip labels on first page feature.
  • Add coarser SDR spectrum resolutions of 64Hz and 128Hz.
  • Update WriteLog rig i/o to conform to Microsoft documentation for overlapped i/o
  • Fix K2 driver to set split
  • Fix looping in DVK/voice mode when used with run-mode-processor

12.03 March, 2016

  • Fix intermittent crash on File/Open due to superchk restart.
  • Fix xmmt.ocx support to honor PTT_END_HOLD setting.
  • Fix intermittent crash on selecting CW COM port on or off.
  • Streamline Texas QSO Party in-state county line operation.
  • CTRL mouse wheel to zoom the band map.
  • Fix failure of UP arrow key to cycle through Entry Windows with UpDownCyclesThroughLog=0
  • Fix mousewheel tuning for hi-res mouse wheel.
  • Removing unwanted mutiplier summary dialog on File/Open (WPX contests were doing this, among others).
  • Make F10 key either activate the menu (per Windows standard) or run a shortcut, but not both.
  • Fix use of WAE QTC dialogs.
  • Add “My email address” to Cabrillo generation.
  • Ignore instead of crash on certain unusual GPU FFT failures.
  • Fix BandMap right click Remove-All. It worked, but did not appear to–it left them on the screen.

12.02 February, 2016

  • Fix sizing of text in certain windows that did not fit properly on hi-res displays. Startup most recently used and Check Call.
  • Scaling control for the band map.
  • Bandmap now has right mouse menu command “Remove All” like WriteLog 11 had.
  • The Fixed Bandmap would open up blank on File/Open. Now it has a band map in it.
  • On Edit Settings in startup screen, use system default INI file editor.
  • To real time rate graph, add check box to enable/disable the legend display.
  • During Save Configuration, hold down CTRL to clear the WriteLog registry settings of window positions. After restart of WriteLog, File/New will show factory-default rather than Saved positions.
  • Fix issue with Edit QSO tool only 1 pixel tall. Also, keep it positioned next to the Log Window.
  • Add View Docked captions.
  • Add keyboard shortcut commands that switch the rate graph to either entire period or recent real time.
  • Add support for SDRs that provide IQ via ExtIO, and change the nomenclature everywhere that 12.01 said “ExtDLL” to read “ExtIO”.
  • Fix Band map resolution OFF setting…make it really turn off.
  • Fix crash if you use [entry]AutoFillFromBandmapHz
  • Add faster band map SDR spectrum update intervals. Save them in settings, and update all open band maps when you change them from one.

12.01 January, 2016

  • Toolbars with icons from
  • New band map display with support to overlay SDR spectra
  • Support OmniRig as client–shares rig control with other apps
  • configure SDRs for band map display
  • Replace Export with Export-Copy-As. File/Save-As only creates .wl file
  • Button to email CC of Cabrillo to scp
  • Docking panes changed to use MFC Feature Pack.
  • Save -DockingPanes.reg file
  • add ADIF, LOTW, and Cabrillo export to the toolbar
  • Disable File/Open menu entry if there are unsaved QSOs in the log.
  • The Packet spot window has option to view spots of “me”.
  • Add fudge-factor for packet spot Follow Me that fixes that setting for ARRL SS.
  • The Rate Graph is in a dockable window and the current hour updates in real time.
  • Settings are in the registry and are to be edited only from the startup screen. They can be copied to/from an INI file, and imported from version 11 writelog.ini
  • Turn off creating a networking diagnostic file WlogNetDde_nn.log with [network]LogFileVersion=-1.
  • Add options for using the preset exchange.