Pennsylvania QSO Party (out of state) fix

WriteLog versions 12.10 and 11.41 update the Pennsylvania QSO Party module to properly export in Cabrillo format. Older versions write missing county information into the .wl file such that simply upgrading WriteLog to the current version does not fix the Cabrillo export. This post is of interest only to 2016 entrants to the PAQP, outside PA.

If you have a .wl file for the Pennsylvania QSO party, outside Pennsylvania, that was created by a WriteLog version prior to 12.10 (or 11.41) then you must use this procedure to repair your file and get a correct Cabrillo export:

  1. Update WriteLog to the latest version
  2. Use WriteLog/s File/Web-update-data-files to update to the latest multiplier files
  3. Use WriteLog’s File/Open to open your existing .wl file for PAQP
  4. Use WriteLog’s File/Export-copy-as and create a .adi file that will be needed for the next step.
  5. Use WriteLog’s File/New and choose Pennsylvania QSO Party (out of state)
  6. At this point you have an empty PAQP log.
  7. Use WriteLog’s File/Import and browse to the .adi file you created in step (4)
  8. Use WriteLog’s Contest/Cabrillo-File to create a cabrillo file output